1. May 2016
    Green Macaw Heaven!!!
    Wow! That's all I can say. We were hoping to see a green macaw during our visit, but never dreamed that would see 23 of them in a single tree. Simply speechless, and as if that wasn't enough we came across two tapirs right after the macaw sighting. I guess that is really rare. They stayed with us for about 5 minutes. Such strange animals. We had an incredible stay, thank you so much. We will definitely be back for more. RDB &BLB
  2. August 2016
    Giant Tree!!
    I wasn't sure if middle school aged kids would be impressed with the giant tree, but boy was I wrong because many of them said that it was their favorite thing. They loved it. What a giant, and we all felt honored to simply stand along side of it. The kids loved the river and tubing, snorkeling, etc..and we had a glorious sunny day while there. It is a magical place. We lost count of hoe many morpho butterflies we saw. For some in our group, the highlight might have been the monkeys throwing their poo at us! We had a great time and we thoroughly love Nama Laka. I will be bringing a school group again next year. K.A.P.
  3. March 2015
    Loved Hiking, River, Waterfalls!
    We had a terrific time. Our visit was so peaceful and relaxing, and was exactly what we needed. The hikes were so magical, we saw lots of monkeys, dart frogs, morphos, and toucans!! Don Julio even pointed out tapir and big cat footprints in the mud. The river was so refreshing after a long hike, and we both LOVED the snorkeling! I have never seen such clear water. The food may have been the best part of the whole trip. Julio makes one mean fried fish, and we both loved trying all the traditional Costa Rican dishes. You wouldn't guess it by looking at Julio, but he is a gourmet cook!! I think we both gained weight on our trip, despite all day hiking! Sleeping up in the canopy was fantastic, and we loved hearing all the nightime sounds, as well as the rain on the roof. We found out why they call it a rainforest...wow..did it ever rain at night! The monkeys woke us up every morning a little earlier than we would have liked...damn monkeys! Thanks for sharing your place with us, we want to come back for sure. DCC
  4. June 2015
    Hummingbird Spectacular!
    The wonderful hummingbirds provided us with non stop entertainment. The serene atmosphere was simply phenomenal. Great food, great friends, great destination. Thank you! DAO
Meet Don Julio, our caretaker, naturalist guide, wood worker, builder, mechanic, scout, gourmet cook, stone mason, guard, and most of all dear friend.  He is like Family to us.   Don Julio has lived his entire life in the area and is keenly in tune with the natural world.   He sees and hears things in the forest that others do not, making him an extraordinary guide and naturalist.   He also keeps Nama Laka supplied daily with fresh, all organic, free range, chicken eggs...all you can eat!!  Don Julio is our hero, and will be yours too!

Don Julio